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General Purpose

Round neck casting
Model half shuffle, useful for domestic and commercial use

Square neck casting model
Half shuffle
Heavy duty model for thick fabric and also light fabric

Square neck casting
Link motion set for heavy duty commercial work
Use for light and medium thick fabric for continue stitching

Colored model
Open shuttle race system for cleaning at home
Use for domestic and commercial work

Heavy duty full shuttle model
Use for picofall embroidery machine
Widely used by Tailors, Boutiques and Design Studios and even Housewives


When hands and hearts come together to make something beautiful, it throws up the biggest delights, the widest smiles, and the happiest memories. With AMOL sewing machines steadily enabling people through generations and across age groups to cement relationships as well as create beauty together, it's no wonder that AMOL Sewing Machines has been deeply central to so many lives. It has been a light of hope, a vote of confidence and a symbol of success since years and with your support it’ll remain consistent on the same rank for all the years of prosperity and success in the nearest future.

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